So, one problem I’ve been having lately is building out Alnical. First, I feel like I have just kept some small group of clients and not really expanded beyond that. It is slightly frustrating, but I also feel like its a good thing because I get to work individually with each customer and make them feel like they have received exactly what they needed. Secondly, I feel like if I do expand, what will happen to the first adopters? Will they be laid to the wayside? What can I do to fix that? These things have been siting on my mind and honestly I don’t have an answer, but I’m going to try a couple things over the next few months and we will see how things come out.

First, I will develop a cloud business. So many people are moving to the cloud, and I think its time I support that too. Secondly, I want to work with more businesses. While these implementations are harder, they tend to have bigger chances of expansion and advertising. This doesn’t mean I will stop coming to people’s houses and helping them there, I just will shift the ratio of jobs towards business. Finally, I will work on a social media campaign, but that will take time because I am not very good at the art, video and such that is needed to do that properly.

I’ll keep y’all updated.