B-Corps are a special kind of organization. (And B-Corp certification is something that Alnical is working towards) B-Corp certification recognizes a corporation’s goal of working towards social good. This includes things like working on carbon offsets, providing strong worker benefits and even providing a legal mechanism for recourse against the company if it isn’t supplying social good.

The reason I want Alnical to be a B-Corp is because of the good foundation it gives for both expansion and promotion of well-being. Think about it. If you know two companies that provide the exact same service, but one is a B-Corp, and one is not, which one would you choose? The B-Corp!

Anywho, I’m just ranting at this point, but B-Corps are a great idea, and honestly the only reason I don’t purchase things just from B-Corps is that there just isn’t a whole lot of them out there. That should change.