It has been a year since Alnical LLC was formally created. Alnical was created because I felt that too many places around Tallahassee charged too much for IT services as well as providing those services with poor quality. I will examine these two issues and how Alnical is combating them, as well as places where I can improve.

First, pricing. I have decided to do pricing based on customer need. If customers decide they wish to pay more for a service, they can. I don’t ever ask a specific price unless asked. Sometimes this has caused some arguments, although nothing that couldn’t be resolved. I feel like 2018 can be a year of working on pricing and trying to find that sweet spot where both I and the customer are happy.

Second, service quality. I feel strongly that when someone helps you fix a problem, the shouldn’t make you feel stupid. I work hard to try to provide an atmosphere of learning, where I can teach you both what caused the problem as well as how to prevent it in the future. Honestly, I’d love to go out of business because all my customers become knowledgeable in computers themselves. Additionally, I am working to provide more services. Most requested is computer disposal. I am pleased to announce that I now offer computer disposal as well as data destruction.

Finally, this year I am working hard to become a B Corp. B Corps are a special designation for companies that both provide commercial services as well as provide for the social good. This goes all the way down to the companies legal documents and provides the mechanism for customers to hold me accountable for providing good services as well as benefiting the community. I feel like this is a good choice because no matter what, I should be helping, not hurting the community and world.

With that I wish you a wonderful new year.